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Agile organization
How can lasting business success be ensured in complex and uncertain environments?

In order to be permanently successful in increasingly complex and uncertain environments, companies need so-called dynamic capabilities to continuously adapt their competitive position. These are established through the systematic analysis of existing organizational capabilities and the subsequent development and implementation of suitable change measures at organizational levers.

Strategic innovation
How can new growth opportunities be systematically developed, tested and implemented?

For established companies in particular, it has become increasingly challenging to prevail against new, dynamic competitors with traditional approaches to innovation. The key to success is to develop, test and implement innovations as efficiently as possible. These are as close to the core business as possible (to leverage the traction of the company) and at the same time as disruptive as necessary (to meet new customer needs).

Resilience & Crisis Strategy
How can crises and disruptive changes be used as opportunities?

Crises and other major, unpredictable changes in the environment are occurring with increasing frequency and overlap. Companies must develop resilience not only to survive environmental changes, but at best even to exploit them to improve their competitive position.

Digital strategy
How can the success of digital transformation be increased?

The majority of companies are now working diligently to position themselves for an increasingly digital world. At the same time, only 24% of all (digital) transformations succeed. New systematic approaches to setting up a clear, targeted digital strategy are needed so that the transformation can be successfully implemented!

Agile strategy
How can competitive advantages be continuously renewed for future profitable growth?

The days of top-down strategic planning are over. Paradoxically, a contemporary strategy must be developed agilely and systematically at the same time. Combining a top-down with a bottom-up approach and introducing appropriate methods and tools enables companies to continuously identify new (market) opportunities systematically, validate them and put them into practice. 

Sustainable Innovation
How can economic growth be shaped ecologically and socially?

Companies are increasingly interested in combining the monetary aspects of their actions with ecological and social aspects. This not only ensures a positive effect for the planet, but also ensures the sustainable success of the company. A systematic process is needed to develop innovative solutions to position companies for a successful, greener and more social future.

Agile control system
How can employees at all levels be empowered to make strategically meaningful decisions (in an agile manner)?

In order to cope with the increasing speed and complexity of the environment, decisions in the company must be made in an agile manner. More and more companies are already relying on agile processes and projects today. But that is not enough. In order to act in a truly agile manner, agile management must also be in place for the company's strategic and operational decisions.

Innovation Management & Innovation Units
How can the impact of innovation activities be significantly increased?

Traditional departments such as product development and R&D often fail to deliver the right solutions for the needs of the new world with digital business models and customer-centric offerings. The great expectations placed on separate innovation units to compensate for this have not been met in practice. Smaller changes in the organizational design and process approach are often sufficient to achieve strategically relevant new business with these instruments.

New Work
How can employee satisfaction and performance be increased through new ways of working?

Employees are one of the decisive success factors for companies in the 21st century. However, not only qualifications, but also satisfaction in particular has a significant influence on the success of a company - because satisfied employees are 31% more productive, 30% more creative and 37% more successful. With the systematic development of contemporary working methods, it is possible to generate lasting competitive advantages.

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In our work, we combine many years of practical experience with the latest findings from our academic teaching and research at the SGMI Management Institute St. Gallen and the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, among others.


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