Good Job!

New impulses for an absurd working world

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New Work has become the buzzword of our time. Some companies are already trying to align themselves with new market realities. However, this is far too often done with the conventional old tools that are too blunt for this time. Innovative impulses are therefore required. Reflection instead of reflex is the motto. The book "Good Job! Neue Impulse für eine absurde Arbeitswelt" (Good Job! New Impulses for an Absurd World of Work) takes existing paradigms to task with a wink of the eye, breaks down encrusted ways of thinking among employees and employers, and allows the reader to come to the pointed conclusion that "things can be done differently. The reading sample for the Amazon bestseller introduces interested readers to the basics of the Good Job! model.

Chapter Overview:
  • Foreword by Daniel Schmidlin, Director of the Center of New Work, SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen
  • Good Job- Successful in the new world of work
  • Life plan instead of curriculum vitae
  • Enthusiasm instead of promotion
  • Self-development instead of external determination
  • New attitude instead of new hierarchy
  • Stopwatch instead of time clock
  • Place for work instead of workplace
  • Work-life harmony instead of work-life balance
  • Generation AII instead of Generation Y 
  • Good Job in practice 
  • With numerous practical comments from Facebook, Henkel X, L'Oréal, Deutsche Telekom, Handelsblatt, Bad Heilbrunner, Innogy, Metro, Lufthansa Systems and many more...

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