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Reflection instead of reflex: Out of the New Work trap

Article in the special volume "Future of Work" of the book series HR Consulting Review by Jens Nachtwei

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March 2020
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According to global statistics, people are doing better and better on average. Nevertheless, most employees are still miles away from a brave new (working) world. "New Work" measures promise a quick remedy here. But an overly reflexive approach can easily lead companies into the New Work trap, in which hyped bogus solutions are adopted and working conditions are "made worse" as a result. Actors who resist the reflexes of the New Work hype and instead reflectively develop meaningful new ways of working show how things can be done differently: by satisfying individual needs, they bring out the potential of every person. This makes New Work the central building block for the future of work. Lucas Sauberschwarz and Lysander Weiß explain this in their chapter "Reflexion statt Reflex" in the edited volume "HR Consulting Review: Sonderband Zukunft der Arbeit" by Prof. Dr. Nachtwei.

Chapter in HR Consulting Review special volume "Future of Work:
  • Critical examination of the changes in the world of work
  • "Reflection instead of reflex" - Framework
  • Examples of New Work reflexes to "make things worse" in the world of work
  • Best practices for New Work Reflection to truly improve the world of work.

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