Emotional Competence Learning Journey

The task

The NWoW unit, New Ways of Working, is driving cultural change in the innogy energy group. With learning programs and measures, employees are trained by the unit in relevant new-work competencies and used as multipliers in the organization. In addition to existing learning journeys such as "Agile" and "Lean", a state-of-the-art learning journey in the area of "Emotional Intelligence & Change" was to be established.

The project

After an analysis of existing strategies and approaches, new relevant content in the area of emotional intelligence was identified, developed and built into a customized Learning Journey "Emotional Intelligence & Change".

The result

The developed Learning Journey served as the basis for the design of the detailed learning program on "Emotional Intelligence & Change", which was successfully piloted.

"venture.idea lives "New Work" like no other company - and successfully puts this knowledge into practice for large companies"
Irina Kostyshyn, Head of Resource and Skill Management & nwow ACADEMY, innogy

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