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Corporate venturing for organizational-ambidexterity

Towards an integrated framework of corporate venturing for organizational ambidexterity as a dynamic capability

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June 2021
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In times of a changing business environment, companies need to constantly renew their competitive advantage by building dynamic capabilities. While they often try to do this through corporate venturing activities, they face the challenge of simultaneously exploring new and existing business opportunities. To help companies accomplish this feat of "organizational ambidexterity," the study identifies four different forms of corporate venturing in an integrated framework based on the capability and approach to enabling organizational ambidexterity. In doing so, the synthesis of the studies examined in the proposed framework allows a distinction to be made between corporate venturing that is not directly ambidextrous, separate or integrated, and corporate venturing that is directly ambidextrous, contextual or networked.

The full scientific article (Management Review Quarterly, 2021) includes:
  • Introduction to the Strategic Challenges of Business in the 21st Century.
  • Theoretical background on corporate venturing, organizational ambidexterity and dynamic capabilities.
  • Analyze and frame the different organizational approaches of corporate venturing for organizational ambidexterity.
  • Recommendations for companies on how to exploit the potential strategic role of corporate venturing

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