Erfolgreich durch die Krise

Strategy development in times from financial crisis to Corona

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The Corona pandemic presents many companies with one of the greatest challenges of recent decades. But just like crises in the past, it also brings great opportunities for companies in addition to the enormous risks and problems. It is not just a matter of getting through the crisis successfully. Companies can also become more successful through the crisis. In this book, we describe how this double "success through the crisis" can succeed on the occasion of the Corona crisis. Based on the findings of past crises, current studies on the Corona crisis and our own developed tools and methods, this work offers a strategic guide for times of crisis and beyond.

Chapter Overview:
  • Basics for dealing with crisis situations
  • ~Classical courses of crisis development
  • ~Operative immediate measures for crisis management
  • ~Basic approaches to crisis strategies  
  • ~Essential change processes in crisis management
  • Strategy development in times of crisis
  • ~Creating a new basis for decision-making: strategic goals and criteria  
  • ~Review current activities: Targeted portfolio optimization  
  • ~Sensing and evaluating a changed environment: opportunities and risks  
  • ~Review existing business model: Strengths and weaknesses  
  • ~Renew strategic planning: New strategic fields of action  
  • ~Set up strategic roadmap: Specific options for action  
  • ~Establish continuous adaptation: Dynamic strategy process
  • Outlook: After the crisis is not before the crisis. 

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