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Strategy needs agility

How to implement a novel agile management system at fast pace

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December 2021
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In the context of increasing uncertainty and complexity, the agile orientation of an organization has increasingly become an indispensable necessity. In order to ensure the long-term economic stability of companies, the introduction of agility is a high priority for top management, which has been further accelerated by the ongoing climate crisis and the Covid-19 pandemic. 


Based on insights from the practice of Venture Idea and the joint research of Thorben Sertler, Lucas Sauberschwarz and Lysander Weiss, a conference paper has been produced that deals with this topic and was presented at this year's ISPIM conference in Spain. In it, the authors describe a detailed, multi-stage procedure for introducing overall organizational agility as a supplement to the agile project organization. The focus is on establishing a transparent "agile goal and decision framework" based on a portfolio management approach that enables companies to link strategy with agility.

The Conference Paper contains the following content:
  • Agility in the context of a complex and dynamic environment
  • Challenges for companies 
  • Presentation of a multi-stage process for the introduction of overall organizational agility
  • Insights from practice 

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