Sustainable Innovation

How can economic growth be shaped ecologically and socially?

Companies are increasingly interested in combining the monetary aspects of their actions with ecological and social aspects. And not without reason, because the introduction of principles of the so-called "triple bottom line" not only ensures future success, but can even increase it sustainably. In today's business models, these factors are often insufficiently taken into account. New, innovative solutions are needed to position companies for a successful, greener and more social future. 

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"Our results confirm that the adoption of strategic sustainability practices is significantly and positively associated with both return on assets and market valuation multiples"
Ioannou & Serafeim, Harvard Business School

"Sustainable Innovation" for sustainable business success

Aligning with the triple bottom line can increase competitiveness and resilience in established companies. At the same time, employee engagement, satisfaction and performance improve. An ultimate increase in average enterprise value is also possible. Such a sustainable alignment of existing and new business models can be achieved in a targeted manner through systematic "Sustainable Innovation". Sustainability thus becomes not only a hygiene factor, but a genuine strategic competitive advantage!

"Nearly four in five CEOs (79%) agree that the COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need to transition to more sustainable business models"
United Nations & Accenture, CEO Study on Sustainability, 2021

"Systematic development of sustainable innovation with economic, social and environmental benefits."

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Source: venture.idea

venture.idea's 5C methodology for systematic, targeted innovation development is the proven basis for successful "Sustainable Innovation". The methodology was specifically developed for complex companies in dynamic environments and has been successfully applied in more than 30 industries. To align with the goals of the "Triple Bottom Line", the methodology has been extended to include the aspects of social and environmental sustainability in order to consider all perspectives at every step of development. In addition to its application in over 70 projects, the methodology has also been published in the Amazon bestseller "Das Comeback der Konzerne" (Vahlen Verlag), internationally under the title "The corporates strike back" by SpringerNature, and integrated into teaching at the SGMI Management Institut St. Gallen. 

Adapted to the specific needs of the company, corresponding innovation projects can be carried out together with an internal project team or externally as "Innovation as a Service".

"The innovations enable us to position ourselves as an innovator for decentralized business models and platforms"
Dr. Carsten Stöcker, former Senior Manager, innogy
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