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#Ecosystem Innovation

Securing our future with innovations

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September 2022
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We need innovations! Now! In her book, Deepa Gautam-Nigge brings together leading experts from science and business, as well as from the start-up community and the investment sector - all of whom advocate building bridges, focusing more on collaboration and bringing together the best. After all, it's all about courage, openness and the desire for new ideas - the drivers of innovation that will make Germany fit for the future. For Lucas Sauberschwarz and Lysander Weiß, this is about "strategic entrepreneurship in efficient innovation units.

The anthology is an invitation to rethink, a good-humored wake-up call to finally dare to initiate overdue changes and live a new culture of innovation.

With a foreword by Katrin Suder (Head of the Digital Council of the Federal Government) and Katja Kraus (Managing Director of the Jung von Matt Sports agency).

Chapter Overview:
  1. #EcosystemInnovation
  2. The basis of all innovation: framework and culture
  3. Fit for future: education and knowledge transfer
  4. Corporate Innovation: Utopia or Necessity
  5. Start-up Ecosystem: Where Innovations Thrive
  6. Innovation funding: early birds, seeds and unicorns and their habitats.
  7. #Make.courage
  • With contributions by Prof. Dr. Ann-Kristin Achleitner, Dr. Hendrik Brandis, Prof. Dr. Malte Brettel, Andreas Bruckschlögl, Dr. Alex von Frankenberg, Dr. Klaus Hommels, Rafael Laguna de la Vera, Wolf Lotter, Simone Menne, Raffaela Rein, Lucas Sauberschwarz, Prof. Dr. Günther Schuh, Miriam Wohlfahrt, Prof. Dr. Yasmin Mei-Yee Weiß, Lysander Weiß and many more...

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