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The Innovator's Handbook 2023

Foreword: "Developing new advantages

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December 2022
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Amidst several ongoing crises, uncertainty in our daily lives, global markets and businesses is at an all-time high.

What is the best approach to achieve results in the short term while staying on track for the long term? How can we implement our innovation strategy even when resources are scarce and leadership support is waning? How can we further optimize our day-to-day work? 

Answers to these, and many more questions can be found in the "Innovator's Handbook", published by Innov8rs, the global community for corporate innovators. Based on 100+ online sessions and face-to-face events, it describes the "what and "how" of successful innovation management in 2023, framed by a foreword by venture.idea partner Lysander Weiß. He paints a picture of a world in ever faster change, in which innovation must play a central role in adapting existing, and developing new competitive advantages for companies.

Topic Overview:
  • Foreword "Developing new advantages
  • Strategy, Leadership, Governance & Portfolio Management 
  • Foresight & Business Design
  • Venture Building & Scaling
  • Startup Collaboration & Ecosystem Engagement
  • Culture, Talent & Teams
  • Climate & SDG`s

With contributions from Rita McGrath, Dan Toma & Esther Gons, Frank Mattes, David Schontahl, Ben Yoskovitz and Andrew Binns, as well as innovation leaders from companies such as Solvay, AB Inbev, Bosch, Goodyear, Siemens Energy, DLA Piper and many more.

Access the recordings of all included sessions by scanning the QR code.

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