Strategic renewal through corporate venturing

Preliminary study results and recommendations

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July 2021
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The study addresses the challenge of incumbent firms to continuously renew their competitive advantage for future profitable growth and identifies the distinctive organizational characteristics of emerging corporate venturing units that serve as vehicles for such strategic renewal. Using a theoretical sampling approach, cross-case analysis of semi-structured interviews and archival data from 29 established European companies uncovers different types of corporate venturing units and along key differentiating dimensions. These findings illustrate how incumbent firms can use "strategic corporate venturing" to renew their competitive advantage by creating firm-relevant new business lines.

The English-language study presentation includes the following content:
  • Introduction to the future growth challenges of established companies
  • Overview of relevant characteristics for the design of (strategic) corporate venturing units
  • Six types to distinguish planned vs. opportunistic corporate venturing models, including the "StrategyLab" for highest strategic potential
  • Company examples from Henkel, Lufthansa, Körber, RB, PostFinance, Merck, KfW, and many more...

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