SCV in "interlinked-ambidextrous" units

A processual model

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February 2022
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Dedicated "networked-ambidextreme" corporate venturing units address the challenge that few companies succeed in using corporate venturing for the strategic renewal of their competitive advantages. To examine the process of "strategic corporate venturing," the study collects and analyzes qualitative data from selected units in 16 European companies. The resulting themes are mapped in a process model that includes strategic renewal tasks, mechanisms for linking to stakeholder management, process activities, organizational capabilities, two-way behaviors, and organizational antecedents. The key findings of the model provide valuable contributions, in particular a concretization of the strategic renewal task, the identification of strategic (portfolio) planning activities supported by "scoping" capabilities, the behaviors of procedural ambidexterity enabled by formal and informal linkage mechanisms, and the combination of relevant organizational antecedents for the implementation of strategic corporate venturing.

The study presentation includes the following content:
  • Objective: to explore how interconnected CV units create organizationally relevant new business for the strategic renewal of incumbents' competitive advantage.
  • Methodology: case study of previously identified networked-ambidextreme CV units of 16 established companies in Europe using semi-structured interviews and additional archival data.
  • Results: Definition of a holistic process model for strategic corporate venturing.

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