New Normal Marketing

Towards a resilient marketing organization

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In a highly dynamic and complex environment, marketing in particular is faced with constantly changing requirements. How can it recognize and act on trends so as not to lose touch and develop new competitive advantages for future growth?

Ruben Mosblech, Lucas Sauberschwarz, Sebastian Vieregg and Lysander Weiß shed light on the skills a resilient marketing organization needs to be successful in times of high uncertainty. Using scientifically sound methods, directly applicable tools and numerous practical examples, marketing and company managers are enabled to analyze and address gaps and potentials in their own marketing organization.

Marketing thus plays a critical role in the future success of the company and becomes the pioneer of a resilient organization.

  • Uncertainty as a challenge and opportunity for marketing
  • Resilience as a response to a dynamic business environment
  • Dynamic capabilities for a resilient marketing organization
  • Concrete levers for establishing and applying dynamic capabilities
  • Change in the marketing organization towards permanent adaptability
  • Numerous practical examples from leading companies
Chapter Overview:

The transformative power of uncertainty

  • Permanent change - one of the most defining characteristics of our time
  • The transformative dynamics of digitalization
  • Quo vadis marketing? Artificial intelligence and automation!

Resilience as a response to uncertainty

  • Entrepreneurial resilience in times of uncertainty
  • Resilient marketing thanks to organizational agility
  • Dynamic skills as the basis for resilient marketing

Organizational design of a resilient marketing organization

  • Defined strategic framework for resilient marketing
  • Agile management of the marketing portfolio
  • Systematic methods and processes for a smooth workflow
  • Networked structures and interfaces in the organization's environment
  •  Supporting data and IT systems for resilient marketing
  • An empowering culture for sustainable skills

The path to a resilient marketing organization

  • Step 1: Analysis
  • Step 2: Design
  • Step 3: Implementation
  • Step 4: Application: Lasting success in the digital age

The power of continuous development - an outlook

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