Efficient innovation with the 5C process

The methodology whitepaper for the 5C process

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November 2019
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For many established companies, the ability to innovate successfully has become the decisive factor for future competitiveness - and one of their greatest challenges. On the one hand, the core business must be optimized; on the other hand, new, customer-centric innovations should provide growth impetus. Established companies must learn to work with strategies, processes and models that can leverage existing strengths from the core business while at the same time taking into account implementation complexity. The methodology whitepaper on the 5C process describes how established companies can win the battle against disruptive startups with efficient innovation.

Methodology white paper on the 5C process:
  • Fundamentals of "efficient innovation" for large companies
  • Overview of the 5C process and individual process steps
  • Insight into the structure of efficient innovation management
  • Selection of practical examples from over 20 companies

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