Adhoc study "Reflection instead of reflex

Strategic solutions for the Corona crisis

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March 2020
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This ad hoc study, "Reflexion statt Reflex: strategische Lösungen in der Corona-Krise" (Reflection instead of Reflexion: Strategic Solutions in the Corona Crisis), combines findings from a cross-sector survey with secondary research on current and past crises and supplements these with in-depth interviews with decision-makers from politics, business and academia. With this broad picture of how companies are dealing strategically with the corona crisis, the study provides a basis for action to jointly find active ways through and out of the crisis according to the motto "Reflection instead of reflex."

The ad hoc study contains the following contents:
  • Findings on dealing with the Corona crisis from ad hoc cross-industry survey
  • Evidence-based recommendations for action on crisis strategy through broad secondary research.
  • Situation assessments and solution approaches through in-depth interviews with decision-makers & experts

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