Performing Open Innovation through Strategic Venture Clienting: A Guiding Principles Framework

Conference Paper - ISPIM Innovation Conference Ljubljana

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June 2023
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As a current form of strategic corporate venturing or strategic innovation, so-called "venture clienting" aims to use "open innovation" for the strategic renewal of established companies by collaborating with start-ups.

With the help of the qualitative study conducted, empirical insights are gained into which organizational characteristics maximize the strategic value contribution of venture clienting. These are presented in an organizational framework for strategic venture clienting and substantiated by empirical data. 

The study's findings provide an empirical basis for strategic venture clienting in corporate venturing theory and help practitioners in established companies better leverage their equity-free corporate-startup partnerships for strategic innovation.

Conference Paper Highlight:

Identify & define four critical organizational characteristics for strategic venture clienting in a holistic framework: 

  • Autonomous unit
  • Ecosystem Celebrity
  • Problem orientation
  • Startup autonomy

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